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MichaelHince1Welcome to HinceOnWine – and some things gastronomic and culinary.

There are a myriad of wine and food related sites in cyberspace with an avalanche of vinous information, facts, figures and opinion, reviews and miscellany from A to Z.

So why visit HinceOnWine?

Well maybe you are after another or different perspective on wine and food and that’s all I can offer – my understanding, appreciation, experience and above all the fun, joy and pleasure I continue to derive from drinking, sharing and talking about wine (and food).

I’m not about rating wines, there are a host of sites that do this, rather I prefer to focus on the people, places and stories within wine.

I lay no claim to this being the Holy Grail of wine and food or to the infallibility of my expertise, far from it, rather it’s a purely personal perspective on an adventurous, ongoing  journey.

A journey I seek to share with you – regardless of whether you are a little or a long way along the vinous road.

So please venture into HinceOnWine as you would a degustation or smorgasbord, take what you want, what satisfies and stimulates you and simply leave the rest.

If I can help bring a smile to your face –  as wine brings to mine – entertain and inform a little and help prime your palate and stimulate your appetite – then HinceOnWine has done its job.

Please feel free to share your views as I have as much to learn as I have to offer. After all there are over 1,300 commercial wine grape varieties that go into making wine – let’s have fun enjoying some of them together.

So, unscrew that cap, pop that cork, fill your glass, look at the colour, let your nose loose, take a sip, swirl it around take another sip, savour the flavour and let the wine cast its spell on you!



Michael Hince

the velvety voice of vino

Love to hear your views – simply leave a comment on the posts, or contact me online or on Facebook.