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Alquimie’s alchemy is no more.

‘The context in which we drink is as important as what we drink.’ – Josh Elias. Four years was far too short a lifetime for such an ambitious, far-sighted, quality drinks publication as Alquimie  which recently announced sotto voce that its 8th edition, second quarter 2017 was its last. The perfect amalgam Though the […]

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Grape Grazing in the Yarra Valley

Grape Grazing in the Yarra Valley Love this cartoon by Matt Golding that accompanied an article in the Age newspaper of 9th October 2016 about deer damaging Yarra Valley vineyards. Apparently deer have a taste for Yarra Valley chardonnay and pinot noir vines which they nibble on nocturnally. These frolicking, furry, four-legged grape-grazers have a penchant […]

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